Jesse James Jamnik

Father. Entrepreneur. Fitness Crazed. Dog & Ice Cream Lover. Adventure Seeker.

About Me

Starting with great ambition and an affinity for helping others transform and create successes, Jesse James Jamnik launched his official platform for impact, (appropriately named, Impact Fitness Training and Health Consulting). In 2015, Jesse James Jamnik decided it was time to prep to get off the corporate treadmill, see more of the outdoors and provide some extra help and guidance to see others do the same. Along with his partner-in-crime, Jesse James Jamnik embraces the active and healthy lifestyle he coaches others on. This means balance – he believes in working hard, making time for family and honoring passion and talents. There is purpose behind the work and services provided by Impact Fitness, and for Jesse, this purpose is what it’s all about.

The Backstory, beginning with The Younger Years

Jesse James Jamnik grew up in Rhode Island as an overweight kid. Kids teased and bullied. He moved around a lot as family choices and struggles dictated. He felt the constant pressure to just fit in. Feeling a little lost, with no strong sense of purpose, he became no stranger to self-sabotage and, a handful of all around bad choices over the teenage and young adult years. While this point in time may be better left untold, Jesse believes it’s important to share. It has impacted his life tremendously and serves as the driving force behind why he wants to provoke powerful and positive feelings for others.
As he started to focus on fitness, he started to see improvements in his body, but more importantly his mind and outlook. Somehow the physical strength translated into control of his life, and new opportunities seemed obtainable. Jesse James Jamnik has dedicated years to understanding fitness and nutrition. When you start to feel amazing because of lifestyle changes, fitness enthusiasm and clean eating, you start to see endless possibilities. For Jesse, these possibilities are what he wants to share with others.

The Work Life.

Jesse James Jamnik isn’t new to the entrepreneurial business. He has learned the joys and challenges of business ownership from real life experience. From 2001 to 2011 Jesse opened direct sales and face-to-face marketing offices and managed growing sales teams. This meant teaching others, from the ground up, what it meant and what it took to open and manage an office of their own. And, he has had his fair share in the corporate world too. As Operations Manager for Bonner Metals, he serves as a superior multi-tasker, fielding sales calls, processing metals, serving as lab analyst and supporting marketing and advertising initiatives.
While these years were a learning experience, filled with highs and lows, excitement and hazy memories, they were lacking one thing – the ability to own passion. Year after year of doing what was ‘right’ was leading to unhappiness in career choices. Jesse was working day in and day out with a masked identity, without the freedom to express his true self. In 2015, fed up and discouraged with the system, he embraced the need for change and started to make it happen, one small step at a time.


As Co-Founder of impact Fitness, Jesse James Jamnik has built the business to highlight his lifestyle. And, to remind others that you really only have to do what you love (even when you are told otherwise). In other words, you just have to be your authentic self. It’s a matter of – change how you are thinking, eat a little bit cleaner and get moving. Together, he believes you can create a life fueled by passion and you will make an impact.
On most days, Jesse James Jamnik can be found in Maine, running trails, adventuring, working from the time he opens his eyes until the time his head hits the pillow (once he sits down, this is a matter of seconds), or spending time with his wild tribe – his daughter, Caylee, his girlfriend and business partner, Crystal and the real animals, Belle, Summit and Zoey.