Displaying Fed Up.JPGHave you seen Fed Up yet? If not, you should. A film directed by Stephanie Soechtig, and produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, it is eye opening and real – real about food. I’ve never written a movie review, for love or hate for anything, – in fact, I can’t even consider myself a movie watcher/goer/enthusiast (call it what you will), but I decided this one was worth it. Maybe because sugar is scarier than the zombies and newest reality TV star or maybe because processed food, junk food is just that alluring.

Whatever the reason, I watched and watched. And, the story was the same – obesity in America is not a pretty picture. Wake up call? No, not really – we all know that America is getting fat (for lack of a better term), we don’t always pay attention or analyze it, but we know it. Exercise is not a cure all (surprise!), abs are made in the kitchen not the gym right? But, keep in mind reduced fat, zero calorie, diet, low sodium, market schemed processed food isn’t helping your health or waistline. And, it’s certainly not teaching kids to eat this not that or offering them a healthy alternative. So the next time you reach for the chocolate chip cookies (I can pick on the cookies because yes, I love them!), think twice. We need to fuel our bodies with clean and R E A L food.

Take the time to watch Fed Up, it’s rare that you see a movie that matters these days.

PS- Resist the movie theater snacks.